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Start here to find a domain name you’ll love. Get a free domain name when you purchase hosting.

cPanel Hosting

The most popular hosting environment for WordPress with a 1-Click installer. Choose this option if you want access to your hosting file manager and databases.

Managed WordPress Hosting

You create your own dynamic site. We manage your setup, backups and security. Choose this option if you’re new to web hosting and all you want to do is work with WordPress.

Access WordPress From Multiple Devices

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1 Low Monthly Payment

Pay As You Go Hosting
No Long-Term Contracts Required For Low Prices

Have you seen other hosting company's fine print?

Many of them advertise a low monthly payment and it's not until you have added web hosting to your cart that you find they require a 6 month or even a 12 month contract in order to receive a "price breakdown" of average monthly payments.

With WP Blog Host, there are no hidden fees and we require no long-term contracts to receive a low monthly price.

Our hosting is truly pay-as-you-go hosting.

  • Pay Monthly

    No long-term contracts.

  • US Based Support

    Hosting support based in U.S.A.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to be comfortable.

  • Domain Tools

    Full line of domain products & services.

The Ultimate Blogging Software

Build Your Website On The Most Popular Blogging Software In The World
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1000’s Of Free Themes

Choose from 1000s of highly customizable amazing themes (many of which are free). Build a remarkable website which tells your story.
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Free Training Videos

WordPress is a massively popular blogging software with ten’s of thousands of hours of free online training videos.
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Highly Customizable

Add plugins to your WordPress blog to extend its functionality to fit your needs.
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Community Support

WordPress has an avid following and one of the most helpful communities out there.


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