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Full Range of Hosting Solutions

Bloggers need a place where their blogs can grow as they expand and grow in popularity and traffic. Our hosting services include: WordPress Hosting, standard Shared Hosting, Virtural, and Dedicated Hosting plans; SSL Certificates, extra email plans, grid hosting, webmail, FTP, FTPS, and SFTP connections, and a ton more.

Every Domain Tool You Need

Bloggers and niche marketers often own multiple domain names - and they need to know their hosting company can provide them with the tools they need to make money online. Our full range of domain services include: bulk registrations and transfers; private, deluxe and business registrations; forwarding and masking; backordering; and monitoring.

24/7 Hosting & Domains Support

We're not sure why, but some of our competitors make getting hosting and domains support a real pain through the use of a complex ticketing system. Sometimes, you just want to know whenever you run into a snag all you need to do is dial a number and someone will be right there to help. Whether it be by email or phone, we're there for you 365 days a year - all day and all night long.

Monthly Pay-As-You-Go Hosting

We offer pay-as-you-go blog hosting with no long term contracts because we want to make sure you never feel stuck and always feel confident. We'll leave the long term contracts to cell phone companies and some of our competitors. From our point of view, it's your blog, your hosting account, and your money - so we'll let you keep control of your stuff.

A Refund Policy That Makes Sense

Have you ever bought something, tried it and discovered it just wasn't what you really wanted? Here at WP Blog Host, we strive to give all our customers payment options which satisfy their comfort level - and sometimes that means paying for hosting plans for a year in advance. If however, you decide blogging isn't your cup of tea, we'll refund you for all your unused hosting months.

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Curious what products and services we have to offer?

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  • "I do know that I dreaded the thought of having to learn the techie stuff to get my blog running - then I stumbled across your site, and problem solved. Just some food for thought."

    Bob Foster
    Biz Maverick Blog

  • "Before finding WP Blog Host I had already tried two other hosting companies. I left them because of the lack of personal service and assistance for my needs. There is a difference between this place and the others. It's people."

    Michelle Keith
    The Village Cook

  • "The service is top-notch. It's great dealing with someone who really cares and makes everything painless."

    Dean Rieck

  • "We were looking for a higher touch relationship with out hosting provider but weren't sure where to turn. After encountering John in the comments sections of blogs we frequented and getting a feel for the way he interacted as a human being with individuals in our blogging community, we knew we had found someone with the customer service values we sought."

    Betsy Wuebker
    Passing Thru

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